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Ultimetrics offers secure routes to markets & the means to deliver services

With so many options & the speed of change in DSR - We ensure your business is equipped for the journey

Make your Demand-Side Response journey as painless as possible - Its all about making the right CONNECTIONS. Ultimetrics securely aggregates and connects your existing or new generation assets to the SO or DNO/DSO - giving you the freedom to shift loads and balance your services - driving maximum revenue.

Ultimetrics ensures the routes to market can coexist

Ultimetrics is backed by 20 years of knowledge and experience in the market with leading clients such as Welsh Power, Alkane and Sindicatum. They are all using our advanced technology to stay one step ahead of the game. We are partners in Dispatch, Control, Monitoring & Advanced Analytics with leading R&D organisations, National Grid, NEAS and importantly with our customers. Delivering secure, reliable and flexible connections from Distributed Energy Resources to DNOs, DSOs and National Grid SO giving you the power to balance and control your generation assets, however big or small.

helping shape the future of the energy market

"The only thing that is constant is CHANGE." Ultimetrics helps navigate your business through DSR & STOR participation, STOR & Traded Despatch. FFR Integration & Services Management, Interface Design, Protocol Conversion and Bespoke Integration. Advanced Data Capture & Remote Monitoring, High-Integrity Control Systems, UN Carbon Monitoring and Instrumentation. The team of scientists and mathematicians at Ultimetrics have developed leading-edge cloud software for rapid Turn-Up & Turn-Down, Aggregated BTM Asset Control, Load Management and World-Class Corporate, Financial and Engineering Analysis.

our award-winning analytical engineers forge a path of innovation

Ultimetrics partner with leading forums, thought leadership groups, academia and importantly the community, to intricately understand the Energy Market. Our dedicated and highly reputable analytical engineers listen, support and involve partners - delivering innovative solutions for the Future Energy Market. We are always excited to work with partners on new ideas so please do get in touch.

Dual Redundant Communications

World-class dual redundant reliable and secure communications - connecting a wide-range of generations assets/DERs to the Grid. Client quote (portfolio 35 sites) "Using Ultimetrics intelligent built-in cellular capability continuously ensures reliable and secure operations, demonstrating its supremacy throughout the recent major BT outage across part of the UK - Ultimetrics continued working, seamlessly dispatching sites, with NO interruption to business"

World Class Analytics

Outstanding Reporting and analytics for both your commercial and engineering teams. Our technology aggregates key data from a diverse range of generation assets - securely delivering clear and defined analytics for you, your investors and your operational teams.  Client quote (10 sites) "Ultimterics experience and expert knowledge of supervisory control, monitoring and outstanding analytics enable us to fully optimise how our generation capacity is traded and importantly plan and forecast"

Power Generation Expertise

Leading power generation plants, SMEs and suppliers have moved from their current asset control and analytics model to Ultimetrics technology. New generation providers who have recently joined the DSR Market with their BTM assets, have found the move connecting to the SO/TO with Ultimetrics', an easy investment choice.  Client quote "the performance, reliability and analytical information we have at our fingertips since introducing Ultimterics into our multi-located generation sites, has increased dramatically - it has ultimately turned our business around."


Ultimetric Response

A Despatch and Reporting solution for large scale assets

Ultimetric Edge

A modular web enabled hardware product deigned for Behind the Meter assets, energy monitoring and reporting

Ultimetric Cloud

An enterprise solution for aggregating reporting, analytics and supervisory controls for large scale assets, carbon monitoring and environmental applications

Ultimetric Sample

A specialised product designed for wide area gas monitoring for environmental and hazardous area applications

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engines controlled by the system



In 2016 when BT had a major outage across the Midlands ultimetric response continued working using its built-in cellular capability to dispatch sites seamlessly with no interruption to business

How does it work in the real world?

Welsh Power

Supervisory controls, monitoring and analysis of power response sites.

Alkane Energy

Supervisory controls, monitoring and reporting for gas-fuelled power generation

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